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Oved and Iddo 1995
Check Masters
Iddo, age 5, playing with Oved
Oved and Baby Hilla 1998
Time off in Brussels
Oved worked closely with ULB in Brussels. The family joined him for a few weeks during periods in which he offered short courses there. This picture was taken at one sunny weekend out of Bruusels.
Cambridge MA Spring 2002
During winter semester of 2002 Oved was invited to Harvard to offer a graduate course. It was during this period which he started having difficulties in swallowing. Only a few months later it turned out that he was already sick. The family joined him for spring break.
Oved 2002
Oved photographed in better days
July 2003
Although very sick, Oved continued to work and complete papers and work he was committed to. Picture taken a couple of weeks before he quit work forever.
End of the Year party
,Oved participating at Hilla's kindergarten end of the year party, June 2003
Life Tree In Memory of Oved
In memory of Oved, an olive tree was planted in the yard of Oved's parents house
May Your Soul Rest in Peace

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