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At 03:33 PM Aug 7 2003 ,

Mail message sent from Manuel Trajtenberg:

Subject: Oved Yosha z"l

It is with great sorrow that I have to inform you of the tragedy that has befallen on us: Oved Yosha just passed away, a few hours ago. He was hospitalized about 3 weeks ago, and the situation deteriorated very quickly.

I saw him last 2 days ago, he was perfectly lucid, well aware of the situation. We talked about a wide range of topics, he was hoping to have some time left at home to finish up a bunch of pending things. He did not make it.

Please do spread the word among the people that would appreciate to know.

I have been thinking of establishing a fund for his kids. I'll come back to you with further information as this developed. Also let me know whom else to contact about the fund (names and emails), when the time comes.

Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, Chairman

E. Berglas School of Economics

Tel Aviv University

Tel-Aviv 69978-

Israel 640-9908


Manuel and other faculty members received numerous reply messages. They were kind to assemble these messages and offer them to us:

Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 9:13:41

From: Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

Subject: RE: Oved Yosha z"l

Dear Manuel,

This is such a great loss. I am not sure what to say. Oved is not just my colleague and mentor but also a very dear friend. Each paper we wrote together was great fun. We always worked at restaurants and coffee shops and laughed constantly.

I learned a lot from him, not just economics but a lot about life and friendship.

I am here to contribute in every way I can to his memory.




Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 11:55:44 From: Herschel_Grossman@postoffice.brown.edu(Unverified)>

Subject: Oved Yosha

We are greatly saddened. Oved was a valued colleague and a good friend. Also, he had an outstanding mind.

If you create a fund, please send me instructions about how to contribute. Also, if your news bureau issues an obituary, please send me a copy that I can pass on to the Brown news bureau and to our local newspaper. I am sure that Oved and Arielle had many friends here outside of our department.


Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 09:24:12

From: dpeled@econ.haifa.ac.il>

Subject: RE: Oved Yosha, z"l

Shalom Manuel,

Indeed, I saw the moda'a in Friday's newspaper, but only on Saturday. Called Zvika to learn what happened.

My deepest condolences to the family and to the Berglas School of Economics. He was on such a positive upswing in his work- it is really very sad, (and frightening to learn how fragile we are).

I am going to Nadav shortly, and will tell him about Oved's death.

How were the NBER Summer meetings?



Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 9:58:04

From: Roberto_Serano@postoffice.brown.edu (Unverified)>

Subject: RE: Oved Yosha z"l

Dear Manuel,

I am shocked and profoundly affected by the news. I will write again soon to suggest ways I could help. I will spread the word.


Roberto Serano

Department of economics,

Box B Brown University

Providence, RI 02912 USA


Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 17:00:15

From: >sakkoyun@post.tau.ac.il

Subject: RE: Oved Yosha z"l

Dear Manuel,

I am so sorry to hear about Oved.

Kind regards



Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 14:46:08

From: David Dillenberger

Subject: RE: Oved Yosha z"l

So sorry to hear about Oved.



Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Fri, Aug 8 2003 09:19:50

From: Liran Einav

Subject: RE: Oved Yosha z"l


I just heard the awful news about Oved. Needless to say, I was shocked. Please pass on my very deep condolences.



Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Fri, Aug 8 2003 09:19:50

Organization: Norwegian School of Economics and Business

From: "Hans K. Hvide"

Subject: RE: Oved Yosha z"l

Dear Manuel,

 I heard the shocking news of Oved's death earlier today. I remember vividly his recent visit to Bergen, giving two excellent seminars, and the very enjoyable dinner the two of us had afterwards.

I am deeply moved, and will remember him as a great guy.

Please add my name if there is a list of mourners.




Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Fri, Aug 8 2003 10:14:06

Organization: University of Mannheim

From: "Prof. Konrad Stahl, Ph.D" konrad@econ.uni-mannheim.de

Subject: Re: sad news


This is really sad, sad news.

I have met Oved many times.

I always extremely enjoyed his company.

We several times made efforts to have him teach in our graduate school.

 I discussed research plans with him.

It is very unfortunate that this relationship no longer exists.

Please, pass on my deep sympathy and sorrow.



Prof. Konrad Stahl Ph.D.

Department of Economics University of Mannheim

68131 Mannheim Germany


Delivered to: razin@pop.tau.ac.il

Date: Fri, Aug 8 2003 06:08:00

From: Levy1,G"

Subject: Fwd: Re: Oved Yosha passed away


thanks for letting me know. This is so sad. He was very very special and I will never forget how much he helps me and my family to assimilate back in Tel-Aviv.


Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Thu, 07Aug 2003 15:11:38

From: Joel Mokyr

Subject: Oved Yosha

Dear Manuel,

I was immensely shocked and saddened about the terrible news about Oved's passing away. He was a great guy and an excellent economist.

 It just breaks the heart to see a person in the midpoint of his life torn away from a successful career and his family.

Please pass on my sympathy and my condolences for the whole dept.

As ever,


Joel Mokyr

Robert H. Strotz Professor of Arts and Sciences And Professor of Economics and History

Mailing address: Dept. of Economics,

Northwestern University

2003 Sheridan Rd.,

Evanston IL 60208


Delivered to: manuel@post.tau.ac.il

Date: Fri, Aug 7 2003 14:10:20

From: "Yael Hadass"

Subject: Oved

Dear Manuel,

I just received the horrible news about Oved's passing away. I knew he was sick but had no idea he was that sick.

Only last year we had few dinners with him in the Dolphine Seafood restaurant in Cambridge, when he was visiting here.

 I am now in Cambridge and ended up not coming to Israel over summer. I want to send condolences letter to his wife, who knows me from attending my wedding a few years ago. Can you please let me know her address?

Thank you so much,


Yael Hadass

PhD Candidate

Department of economics Harvard University

Cambridge, MA 02138


Delivered to: alexcuk@post.tau.ac.il

From: Lippi Francesco

Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 17:19:52

Dear Alex,

What a loss. I always felt a great sympathy for him. When Fiore and I came to Tel-Aviv three years ago he invited us to his place (we barely knew each other) on the day of the seder, which we celebrated with the whole family.

They were so generous to share with us such an intimate moment and we experienced how nice life can be with a spirit of generosity and brotherhood. I think that was his spirit.

In these days I thought of Oved a lot because I am organizing a conference with the CEPR and one paper of his was under consideration to be included in the program.

Now we are thinking that maybe one of us, or the participants, could spend some words to remember him and his work. Maybe Assaf Razin, who is also expected to come.

I will miss him a lot.



Messaggio Originale----

Da: Alex Cukierman (mailto:slexcuk@post.tau.ac.il)

Inviato: Friday, August 08, 2003 5:09 PM

A: Lippi Francesco

Oggetto: Oved


Dear Francesco,

Unfortunately it is true. He had cancer of the esophagus that was operated upon several months ago. Initially it seemed there is hope but about a week ago, following various problems it was found out that the cancer has spread to the stomach.

He died a couple of days ago. I just returned from the funeral a couple of hours ago and cannot stop thinking about him and his family.

He was brutally cut in the middle, and perhaps the best part in life. What a waste and injustice on the part of fate.

Three days ago, knowing his time is limited, he was still trying to finish a paper with the help of a colleague.

Oved was a courageous man who looked at his fate straight in the face. He was a devoted researcher and a hard worker.

This is a great tragedy for his family (wife + three kids, parents and siblings) and a great loss for the School of Economics here.

He will be missed as a colleague and friend.



Alex Cukierman

Berglas School of Economics

Tel-Aviv University

Tel-Aviv 69978


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